Are Website Page Builder’s Ruining Your Site’s SEO?

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During the last few video website reviews we’ve recorded we have noticed two recurring issues. Whilst I can’t share the videos, I thought I’d share the general themes.

The first is related to the underlying code. In recent years there has been a prolific rise in website themes and page builders that allow people to quickly build great looking sites. And we love some of these particularly Beaver Builder.

Let me explain a little. Google (and other search engines) index content based on what they can read – HTML. Headings in HTML provide a way to tell the search engines what is important, what is less important and what is even less important. H1 and H2 tags are the most important tags, with H3, H4, H5, and H6 available to be used. If you’d like to learn more about Header and Header Tags, check out this article.

The issue we’ve seen recently is where sites have been built, and they look great to the eye but it’s the underlying HTML structure that’s not quite right. We’ve noticed a number of sites that contain no H1 or H2 tags at all. This will hurt these sites in terms of SEO.

Here’s an online tool to check your own site


Just because a website visually looks great, doesn’t mean that the search engines can index the content easily. It needs to have been built correctly under the covers, so to speak.

The second recurring issue we saw in our website video reviews was that there were heaps of missed opportunities to allow visitors to connect either by phone, email or sign up to some kind of email list. On one site it was great to see the contact number on the desktop version. However, this number vanished when viewed on a mobile device. As mobile is becoming more and more popular, it’s important to consider how your website behaves across all devices.

Additionally, every page on your website should have a “Call to Action” – what is it that you want your visitor to do next? Do you want them to call you?  Do you want them to email you, or fill in a contact form? Do you want them to sign up to a newsletter and automated email sequence? Or do you just want them to leave your site without doing anything?

Unfortunately this last option has been quite popular for all the wrong reasons.  As business owners, of course you don’t want the visitors leaving – you want them to take an action.  So make it easy for them. An easy way to fix this if your website has a sidebar is to add a “Contact Us” component to the sidebar which will then appear on every page.

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