There are a number of ways to drive traffic to your website. One of the most effective ways is through a blend of regular high quality content, social presence and engagement, as well as paid advertising.

Our packages offer something for every budget and if you don't see something specific, let us know and we'll create a package just for you.


$597 / Month

  • 1 x Blog Post
  • 12 x Facebook/Insta Posts
  • 1 x Email Marketing Campaign
  • 30 min Meeting (Phone/Skype)


$1297 / Month

  • 2 x Blog Post
  • 20 x Facebook/Insta Posts
  • 2 x Email Marketing Campaign
  • 60 min Meeting (Phone/Skype)
  • FB Ad Campaign - 4 Ads


$2497 / Month

  • 4 x Blog Post
  • 30 x Facebook/Insta Posts
  • 4 x Email Marketing Campaign
  • 60 min Meeting (Phone/Skype)
  • FB AD Campaign - 8 Ads


BASIC: $599 per month
1 x Blog post
12 x Facebook/Insta posts
1 x Email Marketing Campaign
Facebook Advertising
30 min Meeting (Phone, Skype)

An easy entry-level package to kick your social strategy off. Combine social media content with a website blog and an email newsletter, to bring the three aspects of digital marketing together.

Need to make a little extra noise? We can always add some Facebook and Instagram advertising to the package for a little bit extra.

BUSINESS: $1,299 per month
2 x Blog posts
20 x Facebook/Insta posts
2 x Email Marketing Campaigns
Facebook Advertising - 1 x Campaign + 4 Ads
60 min Meeting (Phone, Skype)
*Facebook / Instagram ad budget not included. $750 recommended

We recommend the BUSINESS package as a standard, ongoing package for businesses wishing to connect with and grow their online presence. Bespoke blog posts are coupled with strong social media presence and two email newsletters to create a powerful message across all channels.

Facebook advertising can then be used to unite all aspects, either bringing you more followers and leads, promoting products and services, or simply strengthening brand awareness.

CORPORATE: $2,499 per month
4 x Blog posts
30 x Facebook/Insta posts
4 x Email Marketing Campaigns
Facebook Advertising - 2 x Campaign + 8 Ads
60+ min Meeting (Phone, Skype)
*Facebook / Instagram ad budget not included. $1,500 recommended

The CORPORATE package is ideal for those wishing to enter the digital market with a bang. Combining all aspects of digital marketing strategy, the Business package is a powerful suite of tools to launch your business or work alongside a remarketing campaign to give you maximum exposure.

From here, you can either choose to downgrade after the first month to a package that is more sustainable, or maintain a long-term strategy for building your business in the digital world.


Packages do not include social media advertising budgets. We have offered recommended budgets, but we can discuss and manage a budget to your requirements.

This budget is used exclusively for your advertising, with every cent being spent on a tailored package of advertising to be suit your needs and goals.


Just like our websites, if you don’t see the right template to suit your needs, we can tailor a package that will perfectly complement your business objectives.

Choose from:
• Bespoke blog posts
• Social media content & curation
• Website copywriting
• Email marketing, inc. custom templates & account management
• Facebook & Instagram advertising & marketing

Talk to us today and we can provide a bespoke package and quote tailored to your business’s needs.

*all packages include an element of graphic design, by your approval, and a tailored, pre-planned Instagram and Facebook mock-up so you can edit, adjust and approve content before it goes live.