Digital Solutions

The elements to be designed and developed will have been identified in the digital strategy.

We’ll firstly work on a home page wireframe which will show the elements to be included as well as the different types of pages (menu) required.

Our team will work to identify the details of the items to be displayed, and the functionality required.

Depending upon the scope of the project, it may be beneficial to prototype the functionality with real data, but without any design elements to allow focus to be on the specific rules and behaviours involved.

Once the wireframe and functionality is determined, a full set of page designs will be created and iteratively enhanced as you see how things look, new ideas will come to mind and we’ll refine the designs.

After the designs have been signed off, we’ll begin the development of the necessary technical components required to deliver the functionality within the designs.

We’ll then start populating the website with your content (we can offer copywriting as part of our delivery if writing just isn’t your thing).

Once your website is live, we can continue to maximise your investment through our digital marketing packages.