Digital Strategy

We always start with the destination first. The WHY. Why you need a digital online presence. WHY you need a website. WHY you need email marketing. WHY you need a social presence.

Once we’re clear on WHY we’re doing a project, we delve into WHO the audience is. Are we building a solution aimed at 20-30 year old females living in San Francisco, or are we building a solution for male and females of all ages around the world? Both will have very different target audiences, and both will have a different style and approach to connect with their audiences.

We’ll also unpick how your audience will find you, and determine how organic and/or paid traffic fit into your strategy. How we’ll reach into the Social Media arena with your content.

Our team will determine once we have traffic on your website, how we encourage them to sign up to your email mailing list to grow your database of connections. This database can then be further utilised in Social Media marketing to define a custom audience, or similar audience to market to.

We’ll then be in a position to determine WHAT needs to be designed and developed to WHOM and WHY. Once you have a digital strategy everything you do online should then support that direction, and it’s easier to say “No” to opportunities that don’t align.

Once we know your WHY and we’ve defined the strategy we can move into Design & Development.