How Many Online Visitors Are You Converting to Customers?

You’re doing everything right as far as you know. You have a website, you’ve made sure there are pictures and plenty of text related to your business, including all of your contact information and the types of goods / services you offer.

So why aren’t the leads pouring in?

There is no simple answer, but don’t despair, because there is a solution!

It’s called inbound marketing, and it’s just the pick-me-up that your website needs to become a performance powerhouse.

There is a basic formula at work with most inbound marketing.

The goal is to pull people toward your company and your product / service – this is usually accomplished through the creation and sharing of quality content that is targeted towards the needs and interests of your customers.

The formula goes something like this:


The idea is that visitors arrive at your website looking for the content it contains. This content could be blog posts, a photo gallery, or even the main content of your home page. What these visitors find when they arrive is what will convert them into leads, or return them to the search results they came from. Once a visitor becomes a lead, they can be converted to a customer. If that customer is satisfied, they have the potential to become a promoter of your business by telling other people about their experience with you.

So how do you accomplish the conversion and closing process, turning a visitor into a customer?

The key lies in your call to action.

A call to action is anything that encourages or instructs someone to do something. There are strong calls to action, such as the brightly colored “BUY NOW!” buttons and banners seen on wholesale websites. There are softer calls to action, like the requests for comments that bloggers often make at the end of their posts.

Can you identify any calls to action on your website?

If you look around next time you’re browsing the web, you’ll see that many websites have a place where you can sign up for a newsletter, download a free product, or shop for a specific item in their online store. These are all examples of calls to action.

Do you recognise any calls to action in the content you share?

Less obvious than buttons or web forms, there are often more subtle calls to action worked into the content we read every day. When you provide links to other pages on your site within your content, you’re encouraging your visitors to click on those links, and visit the pages they link to. Depending on the text you use to anchor the link, you may have a very subtle or a very strong call to action. “Click Here” is a very common call to action seen in content.

Calls to action are a huge part of your content, and can make a big impact on the effectiveness of your website in converting visitors into customers.

For the DIY-minded individual, a simple web search will turn up countless articles and tutorials on inbound marketing, content creation, and the craftsmanship behind the perfect call to action.

Now it’s your turn!

Take twenty minutes out of your schedule and review your website for your calls to actions and identify on each page, what the call to action is.  If there some missing, add them!

We’re here to help

If you aren’t sure whether or not you have the time or the inclination to tackle something like that, there are also services available that can help guide you through the process of transforming your website and your content into well-oiled inbound marketing machines!

All you need to do is reach out, make contact, and we’ll take it from there! You’ll be with us every step of the way, and we welcome your questions and concerns. Our goal is to enhance your website so that it converts more visitors into customers for your business, without you having to deal with anything more than a chat to check in on our progress.

We know running a business is a full time job and then some, and we would be honoured to help you take your business’ performance to the next level.

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