Is Facebook Advertising Dead?

Facebook advertising is a great way to part with hundreds of dollars.  Have you tried it?  Did it work for you?

I’ve just finished watching this video (http://computerworld.com.au/video/542780/rapid_reaction_businesses_unfriend_facebook/) and it reminded me of a similar recent article http://computerworld.com.au/article/542620/how_marketers_lost_faith_facebook/.

The gist of the articles are that businesses are getting fed up with paying extortionate amounts to promote their content on Facebook.  One cited example was Mamabargains,

Mamabargains, a daily deals site for parents and children, spent nearly US$60,000 on Facebook advertising last year, but that had almost no effect on the reach of its posts, said CEO Jessica Kurtz. Mamabargain’s has nearly 145,000 likes, which in good times could have ensured strong visibility for its posts. But recently, Facebook wanted Kurtz to pay $30,000 for her posts to reach an “estimated” 136,000 to 339,000 people.

We’ve seen businesses spend $$$ on having their Facebook post boosted to a wider audience.  What did it achieve?  Very little if we’re honest.  None of those new likers went onto buy a product or even inquire with the business.

We work with our clients to really define their target audience and then craft a marketing campaign at those people who are looking to buy their product or service, so their conversion rates are much higher.  They get more value than simply paying through the nose to get more likes.

So how do you build your Social following if it’s too expensive to pay Facebook to promote it?  Well, the surefire way to get shared on Social Media and build a following is to create awesome content….and lots of it. Give visitors reasons to come back to your site, to your social profile.  Give them things for FREE, and drop them into a marketing campaign to nurture them into becoming a client.  Once you have your content, you can start sharing it on all the Social Media platforms, and you can re-purpose it.  

We’ll show you how to set that up so it happens while you sleep too!  Drop us a line if you want to talk to us about marketing your business online.


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