Looking to Increase Your Facebook Engagement?

Facebook is still the dominant social media tool for building customer engagement. So how do you increase your followers? People like your business page for any number of reasons.

The main reason you should be building your Facebook following is to grow your potential audience in order to market your products or services to. Getting your followers friends to share your content is the best way to get more and more followers.

Here’s some of the best ways to increase your Facebook engagement:

Share Quotes

Albert einstein vegetarian quote

Everyone loves quotes, and people love to share prolific quotes if they find affinity with them.  This is a superb way to have your content shared.

Just remember to ensure the quote is related to your business or beliefs.  Oh and try to stay somewhat professional !

Share Feedback

If you are collecting testimonials from your customers (you should be) or if you get a lovely compliment on your Facebook page, share them.  If your customers send your photos of them using your products – share those too.  If customers see that you genuinely care about their feedback not only will it increase the likelihood of others to do the same, but they will feel valued and will engage even more.

Check Out Your Competition

What are your competition doing?  You need to be on top of what others in your market are doing.  What content are they sharing, and what is gaining the most likes from their fans?

Don’t just copy them, observe and think what is working well for them, and how can you do it better?

Tell Them More

We’re all people right? We love to learn more about the real life – that’s why reality TV shows are such a hit. Why not offer an insight into a little behind the scenes as to what goes on in your business.  Who works there? What does the CEO get up to on a typical day?

RAMCity did an awesome job of this recently with their video

RamCity – who are we? from RamCity on Vimeo.

Adding photos and videos bridge the gap between the business facade and the human personalities behind your business, and they’re something we all relate to.

Host a Giveaway

There’s probably not a better way to generate engagement and increase followers than to give something away for free!  No such thing as a free lunch they say?  We’ll it’s true.  People are swapping their personal likes and shares for an opportunity to win something.  If you give something away when you reach 1000 likes, people will share your page like crazy to get you there if they think what you’re giving away is worth it.


Infographics are an entertaining and informative way to tell a story.  People love to share them too. Here’s an awesome infographic explaining lots of informative tidbits that you can use to boost engagement with your audience.

What are the best ways you have grown your customer engagement? Let us know in the comments box below.

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