How to Schedule WordPress Blog Posts like the Pro’s

So you’ve woken up with an abundance of writing energy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could pour that enthusiasm and energy into creating content on your website, but not publish it all at once?

Well with WordPress, you can schedule your WordPress blog posts to appear on your site at future date and time. This is a very cool feature that many bloggers don’t realise exists.

You can also schedule WordPress blog posts if your audience is predominantly in another timezone, and typically read them when they wake up – to save you getting up at 2am to hit publish.

If you go on holiday you can have your content continually delivered as if you were still there. Combine this with automated Social Media posting and you’ll never need to go to work……only joking!

Once you’ve finished the post, go to the Publish section and just above the Publish button and click Edit next to Publish immediately.


Then change the date and time of the when you would like the post to be published and click OK,



and finally hit the ‘Schedule’ button,


Next just sit back, go to sleep and wait for WordPress to do it’s magic and publish your content.

You could now take one day and plough through a few dozen posts and have them scheduled to be published at regular future intervals.

And of course to prove to practice what we preach, this post was scheduled. How cool is that?

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