The Benefits of Adding Live Chat to Your Business Website

The Benefits of Adding Live Chat to Your Business Website

Do you remember making the tin can telephone as a kid and how much fun it was? Things have come a long way since then with the advent of mobile phones, VOIP, Skype and now Live Chat – a huge opportunity for your business.

Regardless of your website’s angle, be it selling a product, offering professional services, or promoting affiliate links, your site’s visitors have several things in common. Each of them are looking for a company that is credible, content that is comprehensive, ease of navigation, and fast, in-depth information.

But how can you provide this information on the fly?

You can provide an FAQ, yes. Most websites do. But, most website visitors are not going to spend their time searching through your FAQs. In fact, most of your site’s visitors are not even going to spend their time reading all of your content.

Why not?

Because today, people want their information served to them. They want their questions answered and their concerns abated on the spot. And there is one way you can do this effectively while offering a convenient and easy-to-use means of relaying this information for your company and your customers.

The Benefits of Live Chat

There is a myriad of benefits to using live chat on your business website. Many business owners were blown away by how incredibly effective it’s been in the short time they’ve been using it.

1. You Can Engage the Visitor First

Instead of waiting for a site visitor to take the first step, you can engage them, letting them know there is assistance there for them. You can offer to answer any questions they may have, provide tips and insights, or simply guide them throughout each page. This can create a sense of trust right from the start, increasing your odds of making a sale.

2. Create Page-Specific Engagements

With live chat plugins or software, you can create engagements that are specific to certain pages on your website. For example, on a sign-up page, you can have your live chat popup and ask if the visitor needs any help signing up. Or, if the visitor is on a product page, your live chat can pop up and ask if the prospective buyer has any questions, or you can simply offer information that is not available, offer a discount, and more. This is a fantastic way to turn a site visitor into a buyer.

3. Collect Information, Feedback, and More

One valuable way live chat can be used on your business website, is for collecting specific information.

  • You can use it to help build your email marketing list. Instead of a standard email capture, a live chat pop-up can be more personal, trustworthy, and direct.
  • You can ask for feedback about your website. This information can help you to fine tune your existing website, garnering more conversions in the long-run.
  • You can use live chat for collecting reviews from returning customers. Every business knows that reviews are a stepping stone to more sales from confident buyers.

4. Be online when you want to be

If you’re a out for lunch, just mark yourself as away on the LiveChat or set time periods when you’re running the kids to school. Hey, you can even get some of the tools on your mobile so you can answer questions when you’re in the mall queue!


Just keep in mind, it doesn’t really matter what your business model is. Live chat can be used for numerous processes with great effect. If you are not currently implementing live chat on your website, we recommend that you do so. Most live chat vendors offer a free 30-day trial, so you have nothing to lose. In any case, increasing your direct engagement with your customers will have a positive impact on their perception of your company, and you will see this impact when it comes to your sales.

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