What Are The Goals of Your Website?

Your website is an investment. Your website should have a purpose. It’s not just a vanity exercise.

The reason that we ask the questions in detail on our website worksheet is to uncover these goals. We need to determine what you see as success, so we can align your website with that.

Your goal may be to capture 100 emails per month to feed into an email sequence to nurture your prospects into buying from you. Your goal might be to sell $10k worth of stock directly from your business as profits are larger than distribution through stores. Your goal might be to get 10 customers to sign up to your membership program per week. Each client has different goals. Your website needs to focus on delivering against those goals.

Here’s a few simple questions to ask yourself about your website?

  • Do you know who your target customer is?
  • Is your website appealing to that target?
  • Is your website search engine friendly? (hopefully it’s not built in Flash!)
  • Is your target audience finding your website?
  • Are your prospects signing up to download your free report or sample?
  • Does your website have a call to action?

Like all goals in life, they need to be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound).

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