What is a Digital Strategy & Why Do I Need One?

We often get inquiries from people wanting a new website but don't really know why they want one, but they assume they do because their competitors ...
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The Three-Pronged Approach to Marketing

When you begin building your business for the first time, it is difficult knowing where to invest your time and money. Why do you need ...
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Five Easy Ways to Environmentalise Your Business

The world of business is changing. Since the industrial revolution, business has essentially been one giant pillage; taking from the people, taking from competitors, taking ...
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7 Awesome Image Tools to Speed Up Your Website

Have you received a notice from Google prompting you to optimize your website's images? Photos are a must have for any site, but not all ...
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The Benefits of Using the Beaver Builder Page Builder With WordPress

Here's a short video demonstrating how easy Beaver Builder makes it for end users to manage and update their own websites. It's simple, intuitive and ...
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Why You Don’t Need a Website

You don't need a website - you need more than a website. During our recent website reviews we reviewed many different types of websites. Some ...
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Is Your WordPress Website a Ticking Security Time Bomb?

Did your developer use reputable plugins to build your site? Or are they a time bomb waiting to be exploited? We recently took over a ...
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Are Website Page Builder’s Ruining Your Site’s SEO?

During the last few video website reviews we've recorded we have noticed two recurring issues. Whilst I can't share the videos, I thought I'd share ...
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WordPress Hosting

The Hidden Cost of Cheap Hosting

And What Their Marketing Dept Isn't Telling You We recently had a discussion with someone who had been very happy with their cheap hosting account. ...
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