Ugly Websites Lose Visitors FAST!

Have you ever gone to a website and immediately been visually assaulted by loud colours, weird fonts or simply can’t find what you are looking ...
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What is the Difference Between Plain Hosting Company and Website Care Plans?

It can get quite confusing and complex when trying to understand the web hosting landscape. At Rock Paper Digital we try and simplify that for ...
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What’s the true cost of a FREE website?

The world of website builders is growing and continually improving. Little wonder that people are finding opportunities for a free website attractive and in the ...
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protecting your website

The Importance of Protecting Your WordPress Website

You may run your website on the popular WordPress platform that powers almost 33% of the websites running in the world. You may have built ...
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So My Site Just Got Hacked, What Should I Do?

If you get the dreaded notification from either your hosting company or worse still Google don't panic. Often hacked sites can be cleaned quite quickly ...
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How Does a WordPress Website Actually Get Hacked?

There are a number of ways your site could be compromised. We'll go through the main causes in this blog post. Plugin The most common ...
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Why Would Anyone Hack MY WordPress Site?

In this first article digging into WordPress security, we look at WHY someone might want to hack into your WordPress site. You may think that ...
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Is Your Website Losing Leads – 5 Simple Checks

We often see websites that could be doing so much better.  When I say that, we of course don't have access to the back end or ...
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How To Keep Your WordPress Site Secure

If you haven't got a security plugin installed on your WordPress website please take 5 minutes to read this article and I'll explain why it's ...
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